"If you can put it on a dress, you can put it on a cake."-Elise Garcia

The Picasso of Pastries. The Dali of Desserts

Elise Garcia creates exquisite masterpieces with
flavors that sing to you. Elise is the epitome of
sophistication and class; the CoCo Chanel
of the modern day cake world.

Elise's Pieces was born in 2010, when
Elise married her two favorite things:
fashion and food. Today, Elise's Pieces
is synonymous with exquisite pastries,
special occasion cakes, and wedding
cakes that are "too pretty to eat, but too
good not to."

Elise is a certified chef and self-taught cake artist. Regardless of the medium, Elise captures her audience with compelling and unique fashion forward cakes and confections.

Passion inspires art.
For Elise, there's no
better canvas than

Designer Cakes

  • Wedding
  • Birthday
  • Bridal Shower
  • Kids Cakes
  • Baby Shower
  • Sports

Too pretty to eat,
but too good not to.

Elise’s artistry is a visual anthology of her favorite things:fine fabrics and textures, shabby chic fashion, vibrant colors, ornate broaches, leopard print, and gothic architecture.

Elise’s cakes exemplify the artist's repertoire of decorative techniques including meticulous hand beading, hand painted piping and scroll work, handcrafted edible broaches and bows, and embroidery.

Elise’s work of art begins with a hand-sketched design. After thorough research and a decadent cake tasting, Elise applies the principles of color coordination as well as artistry to create chic cakes that taste a little like a slice of home.

Elise's Confections are more like tiny, exquisite works of art.
A feast for the eyes
as well as the palate


  • White Party Invite

    French vanilla cupcake with smooth, cream cheese frost.

  • Chateau Monroe

    Almond infused vanilla cupcake topped with rich buttercream.

  • The Devil’s Advocate

    Devilish dark chocolate cupcake frosted with double chocolate buttercream.

  • King Without A Crown

    Decadent chocolate cupcake with royal peanut butter Nutella cream.

  • Penthouse In Paris

    Elegant pink champagne cupcake with soft whipped buttercream.

  • Madame Antoinette

    White champagne cupcake with fresh strawberry crème del a crème.

  • Chasing Harry Winston

    Spiced carrot cake cupcake with rum soaked raisins and cream cheese frost.

  • No Interviews Please

    Rich red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frost.


On their own or as part of a sweet table, Elise’s designer cookies are freshly baked and decorated individually by hand.

Available in sugar
and chocolate

Cake Pops

For display or on the go, these bites are Godiva dipped and the perfect proportion of cake to frosting.

Available in lemon, vanilla, chocolate,
red velvet, and pink champagne.

Mini Cakes

Petite in size, but rich in flavor, these elegant minis are just as tasty. They almost look too good to eat. Almost.

Available in lemon, vanilla, chocolate,
red velvet, and pink champagne.

Craving something sweet  ?
"The outer shell of my designer cakes may look like something off the runway, but they taste like something you'd find in
grandma's kitchen."-Elise Garcia

Due to high demand, Elise's availability is extremely limited. Email Elise with any questions and to ask about her upcoming availability. Also be sure to follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.